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Optimal Firewall Configuration

Citrix SaaS products are configured to work outbound through ports 8200, 80 or 443. In a restricted environment, port 8200 can be set up for outbound connections. Our products do not listen for, nor do they require, any inbound connections. Connectio

Add a User to a Folder

To add a user to the folder, navigate to the folder you wish to add the user to and access the"Folder Name" is Shared Withsection.

Question and Answer

The Question and Answer feature, available to both VDR accounts and accounts on certain plans, provides an outlet for both employees and client users to be able to ask questions relating to information in specific folders. The administrators on the f

Employee Permissions

An employee user is most often an internal user within your company. Employee users may be granted a wide range of permissions and access to your account.

Add Users in Bulk

ShareFile allows you to create users in bulk by uploading an excel spreadsheet to your account. To add multiple employees,and add as many users as desired.

Full Text Search

Full text search allows you to search for files uploaded to your data room by keywords contained within the body of the document.

How to Contact ShareFile Support

Citrix ShareFile’s mission is to raise the bar for service in the field of technology. Whatever your problem may be, you can rely on a talented Customer Support team that is standing by to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

File Box

TheFile Boxis a temporary storage folder used to store files sent by theShare a Filefunction and received by theRequest a Filefunction. The File Box has a default retention policy of30 days. The Retention Policy of your File Box cannot be modified.

Connector Sharing

Connector sharing allows you to share files stored in on-premises Network Shares and SharePoint locations. When sharing on-premises files, a copy of the file is uploaded to the sender’s File Box.

Dynamic Folder Templates

This tool allows you to create a default set of subfolders that may be added to new or existing folders on your account, to allow for easy folder structure set up when the same subfolders are frequently used. An example of this may be if you have sep

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