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Optimal Firewall Configuration

Citrix SaaS products are configured to work outbound through ports 8200, 80 or 443. In a restricted environment, port 8200 can be set up for outbound connections. Our products do not listen for, nor do they require, any inbound connections. Connectio

Folder Permissions

With ShareFile, you have granular permission control over folders you create.

How to Turn off Email Alerts

If you wish to stop receiving upload notifications for a specific folder, you may turn them off yourself.

Free Live Training

Public product training is held for most of our products via recurring GoToTraining sessions.

Modifying Your ShareFile Billing Plan

ShareFile offers invoice billing to accounts on annual billing cycles. If you would like to switch to invoice billing please.

How to Contact ShareFile Support

Citrix ShareFile’s mission is to raise the bar for service in the field of technology. Whatever your problem may be, you can rely on a talented Customer Support team that is standing by to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


API stands for Application Programming Interface.

Employees vs Clients

There are a few important differences between Employee and Client users.

Mobile Apps

ShareFile mobile apps allow you to access your ShareFile files and features without having to be at a computer.

Share a File

TheSharefunction allows you to send a file quickly and securely via either the ShareFile email system or a link you can copy to your clipboard.

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