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Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your ShareFile account password, you can reset it from your ShareFile account login screen. Navigate to your login screen and click theForgot password?link below the login button.


The following articles will help address any billing questions you may have. If you have further questions, please contact.

Question and Answer

The Question and Answer feature, available to both VDR accounts and accounts on certain plans, provides an outlet for both employees and client users to be able to ask questions relating to information in specific folders. The administrators on the f

Accessing Your Billing Receipt

ShareFile allows you to view and print PDF versions of all receipts. To access your receipts, log into your ShareFile account and click on theAdminlink in the navigation bar. Then, click theView/Print Receiptslink in the sidebar.

How to Add or Change Your Subdomain

Each ShareFile account has its own unique URL that is generally in the format of This URL directs employees and clients directly to your company’s specific login page..

Changing Your Password

To change your password you will log in to your account and

Mobile Apps

ShareFile mobile apps allow you to access your ShareFile files and features without having to be at a computer.

Custom Login Screen

After configuring single sign-on you will then be able to adjust your default ShareFile login page. There are two possible options from which to choose.

Download Troubleshooting

Download speeds and success rates are affected by several varying factors including Internet Service Providers (ISP), differences in network capability, and firewall or security settings. If you do experience any problems when downloading from your S

Java Uploader Tool

The Java Uploader Tool supports the following features:

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