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Optimal Firewall Configuration

Citrix SaaS products are configured to work outbound through ports 8200, 80 or 443. In a restricted environment, port 8200 can be set up for outbound connections. Our products do not listen for, nor do they require, any inbound connections. Connectio

Exceeding Your Plan's Bandwidth

If you exceed your monthly bandwidth, you will be charged a small overage fee to cover the amount of bandwidth used. When you reach 80% of your bandwidth limit for the month, a notification email is sent to the billing contact on your account warnin

Citrix ShareFile and RightSignature

Enjoy easy, reliable file sharing and storage along with a simple way to get your documents signed electronically.

Employee Permissions

An employee user is most often an internal user within your company. Employee users may be granted a wide range of permissions and access to your account.

Advanced Preferences

The advanced preferences are account wide settings that can be turned on or off by an employee user granted themanage account-wide policiespermission. These settings can be found under theAdminlink in the navigation bar andAdvanced Preferencesin the

ShareFile for iPad

ShareFile for iPad allows you to browse your account, download and view documents, send and request files via email, and add users to existing folders on your ShareFile account. Downloaded files can also be viewed while you are offline.

Setting or Changing Your Retention Policy

The File Retention Policy determines how long files are retained in a specific folder.

Servers and Storage

ShareFile accounts are stored on servers maintained by Amazon Web Services in multiple locations across the globe. An account’s data is generally stored at the server location that is geographically nearest to the administrator.

Password Policy

Your account’s password policy allows you to determine the required complexity of your users’ passwords as well as how often they must change it. Complex passwords create a higher level of security for your account.

Java Uploader Tool

The Java Uploader Tool supports the following features:

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