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Add a User to a Folder

To add a user to the folder, navigate to the folder you wish to add the user to and access the "Folder Name" is Shared With section.

If you do not see the "Folder Name" is shared with... section, click here.

To edit permissions for multiple folders at once, click here.

To clone an existing user's permissions to another user, click here.



Click the Add People to Folder button.



Add an Existing User

Use the Search bar to quickly locate a specific user. You may also use the Address Books to locate and add the desired users.

Select the checkbox beside the user(s) you wish to add.

Add a New User

Click this button to add a new user. The user's email address, first name and last name are required. The user will be created as a Client User and added to the list of users in the pane on the left.

Note: The new user will not be notified that they have been added to the folder unless you check the "Notify Added Users" option in the bottom right.

Customize Permissions

Once you have selected your user(s), you may customize their permissions in the pane on the right. The permissions you select will apply to all selected users.

  • Upload - Allows users to upload new files.
  • Download - Allows users to download files stored in this specific folder.
  • Delete - Allows users to delete files stored in this specific folder. A user with this permission can delete files even if they are not the original uploader.
  • Admin - Allows users to manage access to this specific folder. A user with this permission can add or remove other users.

Customize Alerts

  • Email when files are uploaded
  • Email when files are downloaded

Notify Added Users

Check this box if you want users to receive an email notification that they have been added to the folder. You may also customize the message they receive using the appropriate link.

If you have created a new user, he or she will receive an account activation link along with their email notification.

Apply Settings to Subfolders

Check this box if you want the designated permissions to apply to all subfolders contained within this specific folder.

Save Changes

Be sure to save when finished.


I'm adding a large number of users and don't want them all to have the same permissions

If you want to customize permissions for various users, continue through the process as you normally would. Ignore the Permissions pane and save the additions.

When you return to the folder view, use the checkboxes in the "Folder Name" is Shared With... section to quickly adjust permissions on a user-by-user basis.



I need to add a large amount of users and don't have time to search!

Our Distribution Groups feature is extremely useful for working with large groups of users at once! We highly recommend it.

Clone User Permissions

You may clone an existing user's permissions. This is a quick and easy way to assign similar folder permissions to multiple users or clients.

To do so, navigate to the folder where you wish to clone user permissions. Access the This Folder is Shared With... menu and click the check-box to the left of the user with permissions you would like to clone. This will open the clone permissions menu.

User-added image
User-added image


You may clone permissions to a new or existing user, multiple users, and notify them if you wish. When cloning permissions, the receiving user will inherit the folder permissions and upload/download alerts for the current folder, as well as any subfolders. Click Clone when finished.