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Add a User to a Folder

Giving Access to a Folder video Watch Video (2:34)

To add a user to the folder, navigate to the folder you wish to add the user to and access the This Folder is Shared With section.


This Folder is Shared With


In the View/Edit Folder Access dialog box, click or hover over the Add Users dropdown menu, and select the method that you would like to use to add a new user.


Add Users Dropdown


Once you have selected a location, the next step allows you to add the users who will have access to the folder by selecting the check box to the left of their name and clicking the Add Selected Users button.

The last step involves the permissions the user will have on the folder. You can select to either match the users permissions to an existing user on the folder or configure custom permissions. Note that in order to match user permissions to an existing user, you must be a member of the Super User Group as well as allowed to Manage Distribution Groups. The available options are download, upload, delete, upload email notifications, download email notification and admin.

Note: an admin on a folder is different than an administrator for the entire account. An admin on a folder means that the user will be able to see and manage the folder access for that particular folder.


Add User Options


Once you are done, click the Add User button, and you will be taken back to the View/Edit Folder Access window, where you can verify the permissions and then click the Save Changes button.


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