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Add Users in Bulk

Adding users from an Excel spreadsheet:

ShareFile allows you to create users in bulk by uploading an excel spreadsheet to your account. To add multiple employees, click here to download the template spreadsheet and add as many users as desired.

If the Password field is left blank, a password will be auto-generated.

Upload Spreadsheet

Once you have completed your spreadsheet, login to your ShareFile account and click the Manage Users link in the top navigation bar.


Manage Users


Choose to Create Employee or Create Client.



You will then see a button to the right for Add from Excel Spreadsheet .


Add from Excel Spreadsheet button


Follow the directions in the web application when uploading the file.

If you receive a "file invalid" error even though your spreadsheet has been formatted according to the directions, try saving your spreadsheet as a .xlsx file and upload again.


Customize Permissions

Once your spreadsheet has been uploaded, you will have the option to select the user preferences for all the users you are creating. Click Next Step when you are finished customizing your users.

Bulk Add Emp Permissions

Notify New Users

You may send an email notification to the users letting them know that they have been added to the system. You can customize the text and then click the Send Notification button to finish.


Step 3 of adding users in bulk


ShareFile User Management Tool

The ShareFile User Management Tool (UMT) enables you to provision user accounts and create distribution groups from Active Directory (AD). With this tool, you can schedule the tool to run at selected times to keep your ShareFile users synchronized with your AD users.

Please verify that your environment meets the system requirements before installing the tool.


Importing contacts from Microsoft Outlook or Google Mail

If you would like to import your Microsoft Outlook contacts into ShareFile, please refer to this article.

If you would like to import your Google Contacts into ShareFile, please refer to this article.


ShareFile User Management Tool