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Getting Started with Your Account

The below articles will help you get started using ShareFile. ShareFile can be used to easily and securely exchange files with anyone, anywhere online.

Getting Started Guide

A PDF detailing a collection of tips on the most popular features and tasks in ShareFile.

Basic Client Guide

This guide will help your external users get started using ShareFile. It will help them with downloading, uploading and receiving files.

How to Log In to Your Account

Each ShareFile account has its own unique URL where users on that account can log in.

Browsers Compatible with ShareFile

All common, modern browsers are supported. This article provides a complete list.

Password Management

You can customize your password after it has been set, or reset your password if you happen to forget it.

How to Change Your Display Name

Your display name is the one that will appear in ShareFile, any emails sent and in reports.

Finding Your Subdomain

Each ShareFile account has its own unique URL that is generally in the format of

Previewing Files

Some common file types can be fully previewed within the ShareFile web application without downloading. Any user with download permissions on a folder will also be able to preview files.

Upload a File

To upload a file from your computer to ShareFile, first click on the name of the appropriate ShareFile folder.

Java Uploader Tool

Your ShareFile account offers the ability to drag and drop files, upload files up to 10GB, and auto-resume uploads that may experience temporary packet loss.

Download and Upload Troubleshooting

Download speeds and success rates are affected by several varying factors including Internet Service Providers (ISP), differences in network capability, and firewall or security settings.

Turn off Email Alerts

You may choose to turn off email alerts from ShareFile. To do so, click into the folder and at the bottom there will be a section to disable or enable upload alerts.

Turning on Thumbnail View

Thumbnail view allows you to show thumbnails of common files such as image, word processing, presentation and spreadsheet files.

Changing Your Email Address

In order to change your email address in ShareFile, you will first need to add the new email address as a secondary email address.

Changing Your Time Zone

To change the date and time on your account, click on the My Settings link in the navigation bar. There will be drop-down menus on the left that allow you to change your time zone, daylight saving observance, date display, and time display.