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Install the GoToMeeting MSI File

As a system or domain administrator, you can install GoToMeeting using the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) wizard to download, maintain and remove the GoToMeeting software across multiple computers within a network domain. You can also deploy versions of GoToMeeting to specific computers, users or groups within a network domain through an Active Directory.

Download the latest version of the GoToMeeting MSI file and installation guide

Download an older version of the GoToMeeting MSI file and installation guide

Download the Install Manager & Client Setup Wizards for GoToMeeting in Xen environments

Note: Audio and recording features are supported with GoToMeeting installed in XenDesktop environments but are not supported in XenApp environments

Download the multi-build MSI

The multi-build MSI installs the most common builds onto a user's systems, allowing them to immediately join a session without downloading and installing a new endpoint. The multi-build MSI is most helpful for corporate customers who have limited ability to install software on their machine.

Versions included in this multi-build MSI


Xen Admin Guide

How to Create a Transform File for the GoToMeeting MSI

How to Install GoToMeeting with Group Policy

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