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Update the Active Directory Connector

To update the Active Directory Connector, download and launch the latest ADC installation executable. All existing ADC configurations are preserved through the update process. When you relaunch the ADC, all your users, groups and provisioning rules are intact. See System Requirements.

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NOTE: you can view the current version you have installed, but the download page and .ZIP filename have no reference to the version they represent. In general, you would need to contact Global Support to determine the currently available ADC version number.

1. To verify your current installed version, open the Operations tab and check the version number.

2. Download the current Active Directory Connector Setup file.

NOTE: This link launches the download of the install executable.

3. Run the Active Directory Connector Setup.exe file.

4. When prompted to perform an upgrade, click Yes.

5. When the installer launches, click Next > Finish to complete the upgrade.

6. Launch the ADC application.

7. Open the Operation tab and choose Start to start the ADC service.

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