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Channel Page (Beta)

The Channel page is the easiest way for organizers to instantly provide their audience with a quick and simple way to browse and consume their best content. Organizers can post all their recordings to their personal Channel page and easily share them with anyone, all from one web page.

This feature is currently in an extremely limited beta phase, so if you do not yet have access to it, stay tuned for future releases!

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Add Recordings to Your Channel

You can add both local and online recordings to your Channel.

1. Go to the My Recordings page.

2. Find the desired recording you'd like to add and toggle the "Add to Channel" button to the On position .

Note: Recordings must be prepared and ready to share before adding to your Channel.

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Access and Customize Your Channel

You can easily access your Channel and customize it to your liking!

1. Go to the My Recordings page.

2. Select View Channel Page to access your Channel.

3. Customizable features include:

  • Categories: Separate your recordings by the given categories (it is not possible to create your own). Please note that once you categorize a recording, you cannot remove it from being categorized.
  • Thumbnail pictures: Add a thumbnail picture to each recording to display on the Channel page.
  • Featured events: Feature up to 5 events which will be shown at the top of the Channel page with a scrolling feature.
  • Page color theme: Change the main color theme of your Channel.
  • Banner image: Add a banner image at the top of the Channel page.
  • Name: Edit the way your name appears.

Share Your Channel

Easily share your Channel by selecting the Share button. Your unique URL will appear, and then you will be able to copy and paste the link wherever you'd like. You can also post directly to social media feeds by clicking the corresponding brand icons to open a new pre-populated post.

Ask questions or give feedback

Have questions or feedback for the GoToWebinar team? You can easily send those in!

1. Select the Intercom icon User-added image in your Channel.

2. A small window will pop up. Send in your question or feedback.

3. You will be notified User-added image when a response is received from the team.

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