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In-Session User Roles

There are a few different types of GoToWebinar users, from the people who host the meetings to those who attend them. Below you'll see a breakdown of each user type and their in-session capabilities based on roles.

User Roles

Depending on the role, users will have different in-session capabilities and features available to them.

  • Attendee: These individuals have very limited control once the webinar begins. Attendees join in listen-only mode and can be unmuted only by the organizer. They can ask questions, download handouts, take poll surveys, chat (by organizer request) and be promoted (by organizer request).
  • Panelist: Panelists can present, share their webcams, speak, answer questions assigned to them and be promoted (by organizer request).
  • Co-organizer:The co-organizer has access to all the same in-session features as the scheduling organizer. They can even start it on their behalf as long as they are members of the same GoToWebinar account.
  • Organizer: Organizers have control of all in-session features including starting, recording and ending the webinar.

In-session user comparison chart


(if requested by organizer)

Share webcam
Answer questions
Drawing tools
Labs features

(if assigned)

Mute all
Upload handouts

Start poll

Record webinar
Start and end webinar

(if part of the same account)




Understanding User Roles

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