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Compare GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar & GoToTraining

Finding a plan that suits your needs can often be challenging, but we hope the breakdown of plan options below can assist in choosing the best plan for you. Look through the comparison chart for more information. Keep in mind that some features are available based on the plan of your account. For more information on plans and pricing, see here.

  • GoToMeeting is a collaborative software designed for smaller groups with a meeting capacity of 25 to 100 attendees depending on your plan. This product is extremely simple to use and interactive enough for basic online meetings.

  • GoToWebinar is designed for larger presentations or company events with a webinar capacity of 100 to 1,000 attendees depending on your plan. This includes a subscription of GoToMeeting.

  • GoToTraining is a great tool for interactive online trainings with a training capacity of 25 to 200 attendees depending on your plan. This includes a subscription of GoToMeeting.

Product comparison chart

Product Features GoToMeetingGoToWebinarGoToTraining
Maximum attendees1002,000200
Computer audio (VoIP)
Toll-free phone numbers
Long-distance phone numbers
Screen and content sharing
Screen sharing
Application sharing
Whiteboard sharing

Features & Tools
HD video conferencing
Drawing tools
Transferring keyboard and mouse control
Session recording
Custom registration
Attendee participation monitoring
Detailed reports
Polls & surveys
Automated reminder and follow-up emails
Guest panelists
Monitor Q&A
Breakout collaboration
Option to charge
Content library
Built in session timer
Online course catalogs
Configurable class size
Tests and materials