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Installation Tips for Mozilla Firefox (Mac)

Are you having trouble installing the desktop app while using Mozilla Firefox? There are a couple of things that you can try.

Applies to Mac only; also see Windows info

Restart the download.

On the Launcher page, click download & run GoToWebinar in the blue box on the launcher page. You should then see the "GoToWebinar Launcher" file begin downloading and display at the bottom of your screen.

Check the Launch Application window

A Launch Application window needs you to select an application to open GoToMeeting with. Note that it might be hidden behind another window, so try minimizing the browser window to see it.

1. When the Launch Application window appears, select Citrix Online Launcher and enable the “Remember my choice for citrixonline links” checkbox, then click OK.

2. When prompted, click Open to launch GoToMeeting.

Run the GoToWebinar Launcher file.

1. Press z+ Shift + J on your keyboard to open the Downloads folder, then click Citrix Online Launcher.dmg.

2. When you see the Citrix Online Launcher image, double-click it to launch the program.

3. When prompted, click Open to launch GoToWebinar.



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