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Which features are not supported on Mac?

Citrix is always working on expanding and enabling features for both Windows and Mac users. However, some features are currently unsupported on Macs. Below is a list of unsupported Mac features.

  • See audience view: This feature allows presenters to see what their attendees are seeing.
  • Share a rectangle: This feature allows presenters and organizers to select and share a specific portion of their screen.
  • Share videos: This Labs feature allows you to stream videos (.wmv, .asf, .avi, .mov and .mp4 files) and their accompanying audio in real time during a session. Note that while Mac presenters can enable this feature for Windows presenters, they won't be able to share a video themselves.
  • Show Control Panel to attendees: By default, your Control Panel is hidden from attendees when you begin to share your screen. This feature allows you to have your Control Panel be visible on the shared screen.
  • Display profile pictures: This feature allows users to add profile pictures to their names in the Attendee pane. Mac users can drag and drop a profile picture into the Attendee pane, but the picture will not be enlarged when users hover over the image.