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Add Co-Organizers (Pre-Session)

Co-organizers are individuals who have access to the same organizer tools and features during a meeting that you do, and who can help you facilitate your sessions or even start it on your behalf. You can either add co-organizers before a session, or promote them to organizer during a session.

Note: Although co-organizers can access all the same in-session features as the scheduling organizer, they do not have access to post-session features like reporting, archiving recordings, and follow-up emails.

Add co-organizers

You can make someone a co-organizer before the session begins so that they can start the session if you are unable to.

Note that while you can make anyone a co-organizer of your webinar, only individuals who are also members of your same GoToWebinar account will be able to start webinars on your behalf.

1. Log in to your account online.

2. Either schedule a new or open an existing webinar.

3. On the Manage Webinar page, click Edit next to Co-organizers. Then click Add Organizer.

4. Enter the name and email address of the desired individual, then click Add another organizer to add additional people if needed. GoToWebinar will remember their info and suggest it to you the next time you add co-organizers to a webinar.

Note: If there are other organizers on your same GoToWebinar account, then you will see their names appear in a drop-down menu when you start typing the name. You can select the check boxes next to the desired individuals to have their name and email automatically added.

5. Click Save when finished.