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Optimal Firewall Configuration

This information covers GetGo, Inc., a subsidiary of LogMeIn, Inc., SaaS products involving our servers as of March 2017.

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The GetGo SaaS products are configured to work outbound through ports 8200, 80 or 443. In a restricted environment, port 8200 can be set up for outbound connections. Our products do not listen for, nor do they require, any inbound connections. Connections outbound via port 8200 are optimal, although connections through ports 80 and 443 can also be used.

Integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) connections are configured to work outbound through UDP port 8200. Integrated webcam video support is configured through UDP port 1853.

For most firewall or proxy systems, we recommend specifying a whitelist of DNS addresses for GetGo services so outbound connections can be made. The list of GetGo domains currently includes (but is not limited to) the following:

* api.filepicker.io*.gotoassist.at*.openvoice.com
*.getgocdn.com *.gotowebinar.com*.sharefile.com
*.getgoservices.com *.helpme.net*.sharefile.eu
*.getgoservices.net *.hu.tt*.sharefileftp.com

Important Note: Changes to the firewall configuration are discouraged unless absolutely necessary because our IP ranges and those of our provider networks need to be periodically audited and modified, creating additional maintenance to your network. These changes are necessary to continue to provide the maximum performance for the GetGo SaaS family of applications. Maintenance and failover events may cause you to connect to servers within any of the ranges.

If your firewall includes a content or application data scanning filter, this may cause blocking or latency, which would be indicated in the log files for the filter. To address this problem, verify the below IP ranges will not be scanned or filtered by specifying exception IP ranges that will not be filtered. If your security policy requires you to specify explicit IP ranges, then configure your firewall to limit port 8200 or 80 or 443 destination, UDP ports 8200 and 1853 and IP addresses to only the GetGo ranges and those of our provider networks given below.

GetGo server / Datacenter IP addresses for use in firewall configurations

Equivalent specifications in 3 common formats

GetGo Assigned
Range by Block
Numeric IP
Address Range
Netmask NotationCIDR Notation
Block 1216.115.208.0 -
Block 2216.219.112.0 -
Block 366.151.158.0 -
Block 466.151.150.160 -
Block 566.151.115.128 -
Block 664.74.80.0 -
Block 7202.173.24.0 -
Block 867.217.64.0 -
Block 978.108.112.0 -
Block 1068.64.0.0 -
Block 11206.183.100.0 -
Block 12173.199.0.0 -
Block 13103.15.16.0 -
Block 14180.153.30.0 -
Block 1523.239.224.0 -
Block 16185.36.20.0 -


IPv6 addresses space

GetGo Assigned
Range by Block
Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) format   
Block 12620:0:c70::/48  
Block 22a04:6660::/30  

GetGo scales its services into third-party cloud and carrier networks for improved performance. To ensure continuous uptime, LogMeIn also maintains datacenters in the following regions:

  • U.S.: Nevada, Georgia, Virginia
  • Global: Netherlands, Germany, India, China
  • Global Public Cloud (including, but not limited to): California, Oregon, Virginia, Singapore, Australia, Japan
  • Content Delivery Public Cloud (including, but not limited to): California, Washington, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Brazil, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Germany, France, Italy Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore

IP ranges for Cloudfare

IP ranges for the content delivery network (CDN)

IP ranges for other services (audio, video and screen sharing)