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Send Chat Messages (Desktop App)

Staff members (e.g., Presenters, panelists and organizers) can exchange instant chat messages with each other during a webinar. Organizers can also send public chat messages to all attendees, which will appear in each attendee's Questions pane.

If desired, staff members can save a Chat log after the session ends to review messages later.

Applies to desktop app only; also see Instant Join app , iOS and Android info

Topics in this article:

Chat with others

Save the chat log

Chat with others

Note: It is not possible for attendees to exchange chat messages with other attendees, but they can send questions to staff members if desired.

1. In the Chat pane, use the drop-down menu to select the recipient of the message:

  • All - Entire Audience – All participants will see the message; it will appear in the Chat pane for staff members and the Questions pane for attendees. This option is available to organizers only.
  • Organizers and Panelists only – All organizers and panelists will see the message in their Chat pane.
  • Presenter only – The Presenter will see the message in their Chat pane.
  • Individual staff member – Send a message to an individual Presenter or Panelist.
  • Send question to staff – All members of staff will see the message appear as a question in the Questions pane rather than their Chat pane.

2. Type your message in the text field, then click Send.

Save the chat log

You can save a log of the Chat messages as a Rich Text file (.RTF). The Chat log will only include messages that you saw; any private message sent between other attendees will not be included.

Note: This feature is only available for staff members (Presenters, panelists and organizers).

1. Click File in the top navigation and select Save Chat Log.

2. Select a location on your computer, and change the default name (if desired).

3. Click Save.



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