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Provide Toll-Free Phone Numbers (OpenVoice Integrated)

If you have a paid subscription plan, your built-in audio options automatically include long-distance (toll) phone numbers for over 50 countries. Your attendees will be responsible for changes billed by their own telephone provider when they use these phone numbers to dial in to the audio conference.

In addition, you can also provide toll-free phone numbers with the OpenVoice Integrated plan add-on. With toll-free phone numbers, the organizer's account is charged a per-minute usage fee for each attendee who connects using toll-free audio. This provides attendees with an alternative to connecting with their mic and speakers (VoIP) or incurring long-distance phone charges, making it easy for them to choose the most convenient method of joining the audio conference.

Notes about OpenVoice Integrated:

  • Toll-free phone numbers powered by OpenVoice Integrated can be purchased separately from your GoToWebinar plan using the OpenVoice Integrated plan add-on. Organizers incur per-minute charges for each attendee who uses the OpenVoice integrated toll-free audio service. If you have a GoToMeeting corporate plan and your billing address is based in the U.S., U.K., Canada or Australia, you may purchase OpenVoice integrated toll-free audio online.
  • To minimize billing charges, any attendee who joins a session before the organizer starts the event is disconnected after 5 minutes of inactivity. If the session is canceled and never started by the organizer, then no charges are incurred. However, if an organizer joins the session, even if was never started, the account is charged for the organizer's minutes, along with the minutes incurred by any attendees waiting for the event to start.
  •  This article refers to OpenVoice Integrated, which allows you to add toll-free phone numbers to your webinars. However, OpenVoice is also offered as a standalone audio-conferencing product.
Topics in this article:

Add OpenVoice Integrated to your GoToWebinar plan

Schedule a session with OpenVoice Integrated toll-free audio

Available international countries with OpenVoice integrated toll-free audio

Unsubscribe from OpenVoice

Add OpenVoice Integrated to your GoToWebinar plan

You can add OpenVoice Integrated to your existing GoToMeeting account at any time. Once your account includes OpenVoice Integrated, you will see the toll-free audio option whenever you schedule webinars and under the default audio options.

Note: The steps below can only be completed by the billing contact of an online account. If you are not the billing contact of your account, then you will need to contact them in order to make changes. In addition, if you are the billing contact of an offline account then you will need to contact a Citrix representative to make changes to your plan. Please see Why can't I change my plan, cancel my account, or update my billing info online? for more information.

1. Log in at

2. On the My Account page, click How It Works under "Add OpenVoice Toll-free Numbers to your GoToWebinar Plan".

3. Click Subscribe Now to confirm.

Schedule a session with OpenVoice Integrated toll-free audio

When you schedule a new webinar, you will automatically see the option to include toll-free numbers if you have a plan for OpenVoice Integrated. Simply select the option if desired, then click Edit to change the countries for which toll-free phone numbers will be provided.

Available international countries with OpenVoice integrated toll-free audio

See the available international toll-free and long-distance (toll) numbers.

Unsubscribe from OpenVoice

You can cancel your subscription to OpenVoice integrated at any time. Keep in mind that you and other organizers on your account will lose access to toll-free numbers, and that toll-free numbers will be removed from all scheduled sessions associated with this account.

Note: If you have a plan that is billed via invoice, then you must contact your Account Manager or Global Customer Support to modify your account and subscription plans.

1. Log in at

2. On the My Account page, click Remove Toll-free Numbers under "Toll-free Numbers for GoToWebinar, Provided by OpenVoice".

3. Click Unsubscribe Now to confirm.



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