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Change Your Plan

You can change your subscription plan level at any time to unlock advanced features, add additional seats or change your billing period.

Note: The steps below can only be completed by the billing contact of an online account. If you are not the billing contact of your account or if your account is offline, then you will need to contact a LogMeIn representative to change your plan. Please see Why can't I change my plan, cancel my account, or update my billing info online? for more information.

Topics in this article:

Switch to a different subscription plan

Subscribe after your free trial ends

Switch to a different subscription plan

1. Log in to the My Account page at

2. Under Plan Details, click Change Plan. Why don't I see this option?

3. On the Choose a Plan page, select the custom plan that works best for you!

  • First, select how many organizer seats you would like to include on the account. You can increase, decrease or keep the amount that you have on your current plan.
  • Then click the "monthly" or "annual" box next to the plan tier that you would like.

4. You'll be prompted to confirm you billing information. Click Purchase Now to continue.

5. That's it! Your changes will take effect immediately (but will not affect any active sessions).

  • If you upgraded to a higher-level plan you can start using newly unlocked features right away, and will be immediately charged for the cost difference between the plans (at a pro-rated amount for the rest of your billing period).
  • If you upgraded to a lower-level plan your will lose access to any features that are not included on the lower-level plan immediately, and will be issued a refund for the difference between plans.

Don't forget that if you added more organizer seats to your account, you can go to the Admin Center to provision users with the new seats.

Subscribe after your free trial ends

We're glad you find GoToWebinar useful! We make it easy for you to continue your service without interruption, which means all of your currently scheduled sessions and session history will continue to be accessible.

1. Log in to the My Account page at

2. Under Plan Details, click Subscribe after Trial.

3. Select the plan that works best for you. Don't forget to select the number of organizers that you want as well!

4. Once prompted, enter your billing information. If you need to change the plan or amount of organizers, click Edit next to "Plan Details".

5. On the Confirm Your Plan page, click Subscribe after Trial when finished.



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