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How to Join a Training

You have lots of options when it comes to joining trainings! You can use the desktop app on your Windows or Mac Computer, use a Chrome browser to join online, or even join on the go using your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.

See Compare Join Methods to learn more about which of the 3 available join methods you will use.

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When you click the Download button below, you will be launched into a test session.


Install Instructions


Install Instructions

Join from the Join URL (a)

Once you register for a session, the Confirmation email will include a Join button. You can click Join to automatically launch the URL, or you can click Add to calendar to see the unique link.

The Session URL is marked as (a) below. See Compare Join Methods to learn more about which of the 3 available join methods you will use.

Join from the Session ID (b)

If you don't have the Join URL or are having trouble being automatically launched into session, you can join by manually entering the Session ID (which you must request from the organizer).

  • If you are on a computer, open a web browser (Chrome preferred) and go to and enter the Meeting ID.

  • If you are on a mobile device, first download the iOS or Android app. Then open the app and enter the Meeting ID.

  • If you are on a computer and have the desktop app installed, you can also join directly by right-clicking the daisy icon in the system tray (Windows) or toolbar (Mac), selecting Join and entering the Meeting ID.

Compare join methods

When you join a training, there are 3 unique methods with which you can be launched into session. They will vary depending on things like operating system and browser type.

Instant Join app Desktop appMobile apps
Join online from a web browser on your Windows, Mac, Linux or Google Chrome OS computer
Join from software downloaded onto your Windows or Mac computerJoin on the go from your mobile phone or tablet
No download required

Desktop app required

iOS, Android or Windows app required


  • Get into session quickly and easily

  • Join from almost any computer, even if not compatible with the desktop app


  • Access the full suite of features and tools

  • Use the full Control Panel to facilitate meetings


  • Join session while away from your computer

  • Present content using a virtual whiteboard




Available on all subscription plans Available on paid subscription plans only Available on paid subscription plans only



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