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Schedule a Training

Scheduling a training is easy! Schedule trainings that occur once, weekly, monthly or have a custom schedule.

Schedule a training

1. Log in to your GoToTraining account.

2. On the My Trainings page, click the Schedule a Training button. Or, you can select Schedule a Training in the left navigation.

3. On the Schedule a Training page, enter a title and description for your new training – the description is used on the registration page and in the invitation email you send to registrants.

4. Using the Occurs drop-down menu, how frequent you want the training to occur:

  • Once – Participants register once to attend a session.
  • Weekly – Sessions occur once at the same time and day every week.
  • Monthly – Sessions occur at the same time for every date or day every month (e.g., 1st of every month or first Wednesday of every month).
  • Custom Schedule – Sessions occur in random intervals.

5. Select the Start Date, Start Time and End Time.

6. Use the Training Time Zone drop-down menu to select the time zone that the session will be held in.

7. If you select Weekly, Monthly or Custom Schedule, you can choose how frequently sessions occur by selecting a Registration Type:

  • Participants register once to attend all sessions
  • Participants register for individual sessions that they'll attend

8. When you’re done, click Schedule.


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