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Video Training

Upload a File (1:30)

  • Upload files to ShareFile
  • Drag and Drop or Upload from PC
  • Upload folders

Create a Folder (0:45)

  • Create a folder or subfolder
  • Customize Folder Name and Details, or apply a Template
  • Add users to a folder

Share a File (3:28)

  • Send a file stored on your PC or your account
  • Customize message options
  • Share via Email or Get a Link

Share a Folder (1:54)

  • Share a folder with external users
  • Add users to a folder
  • Change Folder Permissions

Request a File (1:40)

  • Request that files be uploaded to you
  • Get a link you can copy into your own email software
  • Allow ShareFile to send an email on your behalf

Create a User (3:52)

  • Add users to your account
  • Manage permissions

Check In Check Out (1:27)

  • Check out files from the web app
  • View the status of checked out files
  • Check in or discard when finished with the file

ShareFile Encrypted Email (2:52)

  • Send emails with state of the art encryption
  • Revoke access to message contents on demand
  • Read and respond in secure web page

Send an Encrypted Message from the Web App (2:17)

  • Compose from the Inbox
  • Revoke access to messages
  • Requires Encrypted Email 

SharePoint - iOS (2:10)

  • Download ShareFile from Worx
  • Access SharePoint from an iPad
  • Mobile editing and check out

SharePoint - Android (1:34)

  • Download ShareFile from Worx
  • Access SharePoint from an Android tablet
  • Mobile editing and check out

ShareFile Sync for Windows (3:18)

  • Install ShareFile Sync for quick access to your ShareFile data on your PC
  • Interact with your account through Windows Explorer

My Files & Folders (0:35)

  • Your primary folder for storing files
  • Add and share subfolders
  • Automatically sync these files to your PC

Favorite Folders (0:58)

  • Mark a folder as a Favorite
  • Organize favorite folders
  • Unfavorite a folder

ShareFile Inbox (1:00)

  • Access files sent to you
  • Upload files requested from you
  • See when the links expire

Delete a File (0:47)

  • Remove unwanted files from your account
  • Remove older files from ShareFile

File Versioning (1:10)

  • Keep multiple versions of a file
  • Download old versions as needed
  • Share the latest version of a file

Collaborating on a Folder (2:28)

  • Collaborate with others
  • Create folders and subfolders for projects
  • Setting permissions for different parties

Two-Step Verification (3:46)

  • Uses your phone to add an extra layer of security
  • Receive verification code via text message or voice call
  • Generate and print backup verification codes

Forgot Password? (0:55)

  • If you have forgotten your password, use the "forgot password" link
  • If you do not have the ability to change your password, contact your ShareFile administrator

Resetting Another's Password (0:30)

  • Reset another user's password as needed
  • Existing passwords cannot be retrieved by anyone

ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook (4:39)

  • Install the plugin
  • Customize Options
  • Send files securely

Folder Details (0:47)

  • Edit or add folder details
  • Make notes for yourself or for others users with access to the folder

ShareFile WebDAV (1:39)

  • Map a network drive using ShareFile WebDAV for Windows Explorer
  • Manage files within Windows Explorer

ShareFile Enterprise Feature Overview (4:53)

  • Empower your organization
  • Deliver on user mobility
  • Retain management and control