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Advanced Analytics

Interested in trying out Virtual Data Room? Click here to sign up for a free trial.

ShareFile’s Virtual Data Room Plan includes access to our advanced analytics reporting. This report allows you to view statistics on any folder in your account. To access this report, navigate to the folder and click VDR Analytics in the sidebar.

Clicking on this link will bring up a snapshot of activity on the folder. Using the drop down menu at the top you can select to view analytics for the last: 7 days, 14 days, this month, 30 days, or a specific month dating back to when you first opened your account.

VDR analytics

Other options include a graph of downloads/views per day, most viewed documents (including the number of views), most active users, longest viewed documents (including the length of time) and recent searches.

Note: Clicking on a specific users name will bring you to the click trails reporting, which tracks every link that the user clicked on while in the ShareFile account along with date and time so you can see how long they viewed a particular folder or files.


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