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Question and Answer

The Question and Answer feature, available to both VDR accounts and accounts on certain plans, provides an outlet for both employees and client users to be able to ask questions relating to information in specific folders. The administrators on the folder can then answer the questions and decide which ones should be public for all users to view.

For more information regarding ShareFile features and plan requirements, please consult the ShareFile Pricing page.

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Setting up Q&A

Once this feature is enabled on your account both employees and clients will see a link inside each folder in the sidebar for Folder Q&A.

Ask a question

When the client clicks on the link, they will be brought to a page where they can view any public questions and ask a question of their own.

Questions & Answers

To ask a question, click on the button for Ask a question. This will open a pop up window with the text box for the user to type in their question and then click Submit.

Ask question

Note: Any questions submitted will be automatically emailed to all administrators on the folder.

Answer a Question

The administrators on the folder will receive an email when a new question has been submitted and they will be able to login and answer the question.

Click on Folder Q&A in the sidebar.

Questions & Answers section

To answer a question, navigate to the Unanswered tab and then click on the title of the question. Answer the question and decide if the question should be made public to all users.