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How Do I Request that Someone Send Files to Me?

Requesting Files video Watch Video (3:05)

You can use the Request a File link in the navigation bar. This will look very similar to setting up an email.

Request a File

By default, files uploaded through a Request will be uploaded to your File Box. Remember, files that are in the File Box for more than 30 days will automatically be deleted by the system.

Note: If you would prefer to have the files uploaded using the links sent to a created folder on your account, you can click on the File Box icon listed as the 'Upload Location' on the Request form to select a different destination folder.

Upload location

Folder Uploads

To have files uploaded directly to a folder through a request, use the Request Files link located in the sidebar within a folder.

Request Files

What your client will see:

The recipient will receive an email which includes a link. When they click on the link they will be brought to a page that will allow them to upload a file into your account. If the recipient wishes to upload a Folder, they must zip the item in order to upload it successfully. For more information on zipping files and folders, please refer to this article.

Request a File Instructions

More information on how to send large files.


Video: Requesting a File (3:05)

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