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Enterprise Features

Citrix ShareFile - Enterprise Edition enables users to securely share files and data with anyone and sync files across all of their devices.

Unlike consumer file sync and sharing tools, ShareFile enables IT to deliver an enterprise-class file sharing service that secures intellectual property while delivering the service users expect.


Enterprise Security

Click here to view the ShareFile Enterprise Security Whitepaper


ShareFile Single Sign-On

ShareFile Single Sign-On can be configured with any SAML 2.0-based federation tool using basic, integrated, or forms authentication. Setup instructions include (click to view):


Quotas - User Notification of Storage Usage

Quotas is a feature enabled on select accounts that allows ShareFile administrators to set storage quotas on users’ My Files & Folders. Users will receive email and website notices when they are nearing their set quota.

StorageZones Controller

ShareFile StorageZones Controller extends the ShareFile Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud storage by providing your account with on-premises private storage and secure access to document libraries and network fileshares.

StorageZones Connectors

StorageZones Connectors provide users with secure access to documents and folders in SharePoint document libraries and to data stored in network file shares.

Customer-Managed StorageZones

ShareFile StorageZones gives IT departments the flexibility to choose between Citrix-managed, secure cloud storage, or IT-managed StorageZones (on-premises) storage within your own data center.

Custom Login Screen

After configuring single sign-on you will then be able to adjust your default ShareFile login page. There are two possible options from which to choose.

ShareFile User Management Tool

The ShareFile User Management Tool (UMT) enables you to provision user accounts and create distribution groups from Active Directory (AD) so you can more easily keep your ShareFile users synchronized with your AD users.

ShareFile Enterprise and Multi-Tenancy for CSPs

ShareFile Enterprise is available via XenMobile Enterprise CSP licensing only, and supports both Annual and Perpetual licenses.

ShareFile Personal Cloud Connectors

Citrix ShareFile Personal Cloud Connectors allow enterprise users to access their Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts from ShareFile, providing customers with the flexibility to determine how and where users store files.

Troubleshooting On-Demand Sync (ODS) Spontaneous File Downloads

The Windows Explorer thumbnails preview feature can cause the spontaneous download of image and executable files in ShareFile On-Demand Sync. To prevent this, follow these steps to disable this process.