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ShareFile WebDAV Integration

ShareFile allows users on certain plans to connect with your ShareFile account through WebDAV to various clients. This will allow users to interact with ShareFile files and folders without logging in to the ShareFile website.

A user’s credentials for WebDAV can be found by clicking the My Settings link in the top navigation bar and then WebDAV Settings in the sidebar.

ShareFile WebDAV is not available for Enterprise accounts. This tool is not compatible with on-premise storage and cannot be used with company credentials.

ShareFile WebDAV Settings


This will give you the settings you will need to enter into your WebDAV client.


ShareFile WebDAV Settings

Supported WebDAV functions

Directory/Folder and File Listing

File Downloads (single and multiple files, including large files)

File Uploads (single and multiple files, up to 2 GB in size)

Copy (Files and Folders)

Move (Files and Folders)

Delete (Files and Folders)

Create Folders

Unicode support

Currently supported clients

Windows Explorer (Windows 8, Windows 7)

Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013

Mac Finder (OS X 10.8)

GoodReader (iOS app)

Pages (iOS app)

WebDrive (Windows 8, Windows 7)

Sample WebDAV Connection Setup:

Windows Explorer (Windows 7)

Mac Finder (OS X 10.8)

GoodReader (iOS app)


Multiple Upload Alerts

  • Because uploads through WebDAV are two-staged, zero-byte files will be typically uploaded as placeholders before the file contents are uploaded. This may prompt multiple upload alerts for users with alerts on for that location, with only one alert indicating the actual file size.
  • Notifications can be consolidated to make these multiple uploads less disruptive.