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Start a Meeting from GoToConference

GoToConference is an all-in-one hardware system that lets you set up a small to mid-sized conference room to be ready to join and host meetings in an instant. Learn more about GoToConference.

GoToConference offers 1 option for hosting GoToMeeting sessions:

2. GoToMeeting organizers can schedule meetings from their own account, then launch them from the GoToConference room. Learn more.

Start your own pre-scheduled meeting

If you have your own GoToMeeting account, you can also use the GoToConference system to host the meetings that you have scheduled ahead of time.

1. First, schedule the meeting using your own GoToMeeting account. You can also use your personal meeting page.

2. Enter the conference room. Your GoToConference system is always running and ready.

3. On the home screen under "Start or join a meeting", enter your meeting's 9-digit Meeting ID or the personal meeting page name. Click Go to continue.

4. You will then be launched into the waiting room of your meeting as an attendee. Click start the meeting to continue.

5. Enter your GoToMeeting email address and password to launch your meeting into session.

6. Invite others to join the meeting by sending them a Join URL or the 9-digit meeting ID. You can also use another device to share content if needed.




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