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Install GoToMeeting in Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

The GoToMeeting Outlook plugin allows you to view, schedule, join, edit, and delete meetings directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

There are two methods to install the GoToMeeting plugin on Windows. You can install the plugin, or modify your preferences to enable the plugin.

System Requirements

* Required for Outlook 2016 or later only


If you have the VSTOInstaller.exe.config file, or are enabling earlier versions of Outlook (2003, 2007, 2010), review the Windows install prerequisites.

Install the calendar plugin

Then run the install.

1. First, close Microsoft Outlook.

2. Click the Download button to start the download. By default, this downloads a setup.exe file to your local Downloads directory.

3. Double-click setup.exe:

  • For Outlook 2010, click Yes on the download prompt. The plugin will be automatically installed on your Outlook calendar.
  • For Outlook 2013 and later, click Install to install the Outlook plugin. Click Close once the installer is finished.

4. You will automatically go through your GoToMeeting login. Make sure to choose Allow to enable meeting updates from Outlook to GoToMeeting.

5. You may need to restart Outlook in order to see the changes. Now you can start scheduling your meetings directly from Outlook.

IMPORTANT: To ensure your audio preferences are used for your meetings, click Set Default Audio Options. For instance, if you specify toll or tollfree conference numbers, these will be picked up and used by the plugin.

Add the GoToMeeting Toolbar

1. Right-click the GoToMeeting daisy icon   in the system tray, and select Preferences.

2. On the Integrations tab, select "Use GoToMeeting with" and then "Microsoft Outlook", as well as any other applications you would like integrated with GoToMeeting.

3. Click OK.You may need to close and restart any programs you selected for the GoToMeeting Toolbar to appear.

Uninstall the plugin

The process for uninstalling the plugin from a computer varies depending on the computer's operating system.

Example (Windows 7): Go to Windows Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Right-click GoToMeeting Outlook Calendar Plug-in and select Uninstall > Yes.



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