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New Version of GoToMeeting FAQs

Review frequently asked questions on the new version of GoToMeeting

What does the new version of GoToMeeting offer?

  • Multi-language support: Switch to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Chinese, and even set your default language.
  • Choose a preferred telephone number: Set a preferred telephone number that your attendees see first in invites and meetings.
  • More scheduling options: Schedule, edit and delete meetings from the My Meetings page, as well as from the GoToMeeting for iOS and Android apps.
  • Unified log-in experience: Log in to your account to easily manage and access your Citrix products from the My Account page.

What else is different?

You'll probably notice some improved features on the new version of GoToMeeting.

  • Even higher reliability and performance: Use the new best-of-breed platform to collaborate in real-time all across the globe.
  • New look and feel: Scheduling meetings and running reports never looked better with our new and improved website. It's sleeker and easier to navigate.

Will I lose anything?

Nope, the new version of GoToMeeting is very robust and offers an even better experience. And don't worry about losing your previously scheduled meetings, meeting history or reports – all your data will be moved over to the new system after you upgrade.

How do I transition to the new version?

You've probably received an email with instructions that tell you how you'll be upgraded. The next time you log in, the new version will automatically download.

Do I need to download anything?

Yes, the next time you log in, you'll automatically upgrade to the new version of GoToMeeting.

Will my pricing stay the same?

Yes, your plan and pricing will stay the same, but please note the following:

  • GoToMeeting charges will now appear on your credit card or bank statement as "".
  • If your billing address location mandates sales tax on subscription-based software (SaaS), data archiving or telecom services, we may be required to collect state and/or local sales taxes by law. For more information, see Domestic Sales Tax.