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Compare Subscription Plans

The subscription plan that your account is on will determine which features you have access to. Learn more about the available plans below!

Plan tiers

  • GoToMeeting Plus
    Do you need to host formal meetings with lots of attendees? This plan is perfect for enterprise customers who operate within a network domain and need large meeting capacities. You can have up to 100 attendees, access all of our advanced features and get the most out of your meetings with our biggest plan.

  • GoToMeeting Pro
    Are you part of a large team that runs meetings together, but you don't need quite as high of an attendee limit? This plan is perfect for mid-sized businesses that benefit from adding co-organizers to meetings and using domain integrations like Enterprise Sign-On and Active Directory.

  • GoToMeeting Starter
    This plan is great for professional business meetings and team collaboration with up to 10 attendees. Integrated VoIP and Phone audio is included, plus you can broadcast your webcam to fellow meeting participants using HDFaces. You can even record your sessions for later viewing and sharing with others.

  • GoToMeeting Free
    This GoToMeeting plan is perfect for those who frequently need quick, informal sync ups with high-quality VoIP audio plus instant screen sharing. This plan can be ideal for consultants and freelancers who need to quickly touch base with clients. Learn more.

Feature comparison chart

GoToMeeting provides various subscription plans tailored to suit the needs of you and your business. The features to which you have access will vary depending on the plan level that you have.

Note: Behavior listed below may vary from that listed on the sign-up page.