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Recording FAQs

Review frequently asked questions about the GoToWebinar recording feature.

Note: We recommend having 2 organizers record the session in case 1 organizer encounters any issues that may potentially disrupt the recording.

How can I record the audio from the conference call?

See Recording a Webinar.

Can I edit a recording?

When selecting your recording preferences, choose the Windows Media Player format. In this format you can edit your webinar recording using most video editing software.

Why does the playback only display a blank screen?

To avoid a recorded webinar with a blank screen, please ensure the presenter initiates some type of screen action (such as advancing a presentation slide) after clicking the Start Recording button. If recording begins before the presenter shares his or her screen and there is no screen action, then the playback will only show a blank screen with the audio.

How do I replace an archived webinar recording?

Log in to your account and select Webinar History from the left navigation. Find the title of the webinar for which you want to replace an archived recording. At Recorded Webinar, click Manage. On the Manage Webinar page, click Replace Recording and follow the prompts.

Is there a limit on how long archived webinars are available for viewing?

Archived webinars are only available for 1 year. After 12 months, any published links to the archived webinar will break, and the recording will no longer be available.

Can I view the questions/chat after the webinar is over?

Yes, but please allow for up to 30 minutes after the webinar is shut down until the report is fully populated.

Why can't my attendees view my recorded meeting in Safari or Flip4Mac?

If you experience problems playing recordings from Flip4Mac and/or Safari, we recommend pasting the video URL directly into QuickTime player. This can be done with the Open URL menu item in the File menu in QuickTime player.


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