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In-Session FAQs

Review frequently asked questions and answers about hosting a Webinar.

Can I host a webinar and join via VoIP using my XenApp server?

GoToWebinar Total Audio Service is not supported on the XenApp server with a server install. If you want to join a webinar using Mic & Speakers, join via your local computer.

Is there a way for me to see what my attendees see during a webinar?

When presenting, the Audience View pane gives presenters a view of what the audience is seeing. In your Control Panel, select View, then Audience View (this feature is not yet available for Mac users).

How do I allow attendees to show their screens during a webinar?

If you would like an attendee to present during a webinar, go to the Attendee List, right-click the attendee's name and select Make Presenter. Note that once you promote an attendee to presenter, he or she is a panelist for the remainder of the webinar.

I don't want to have to forward my questions to the panelist. Is there a way for panelists to see questions and answers?

All organizers can view the Question and Answer pane. Therefore, you can promote a panelist to organizer and he or she will be able to view and manage Question and Answer. Note that once you promote a panelist to organizer, he or she is an organizer for the remainder of the webinar.

How do all organizers see the poll questions? I want my co-organizer to launch the poll but I want to read it.

When a poll is launched, it will appear in the Control Panel of the person presenting and in the Viewer of all attendees (including other organizers and panelists). Therefore, if you are presenting, another organizer can launch the poll and you will be able to view and respond to the poll in your Control Panel.

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