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Pre-Webinar FAQs

Review frequently asked questions and answers about pre-webinar planning.

What time zone should I use when scheduling a webinar?

When scheduling a webinar, we recommend you use the time zone where the organizer is located. The time zone can be set as a preference on the My Account page. On the Registration page, registrants will see a Show time in my time zone link to help them convert times to their own locales.

To further clarify the time zones for your registrants/attendees, you can outline each time zone-based start time in the Description section when scheduling your webinar. This information will appear in both the invitation email and the webinar confirmation email. The webinar confirmation email also provides a link to add the webinar to an Outlook calendar, which will automatically adjust it to the attendee's time zone.

Can my co-organizer start the session if I am not available at the time of the scheduled webinar?

On corporate plans, any organizer whom you have pre-specified before the start of your webinar can start the session. On GoToWebinar plans, you must start the webinar; however, you can promote someone else to organizer, leave the session, and allow the other organizer to manage the rest of the event for you.

How do I invite people to register?

There are several ways to invite people to register for your webinar. Once you have finished scheduling a webinar, an invitation email is sent to you.

  • You can forward the invitation email to all prospective attendees, just like forwarding any other email.

Note: If the invitation is being sent to people outside of your organization, we recommend that you blind copy everyone on your invitation list out of respect for their privacy.

  • You can place the invitation onto a website or company intranet:
    • Save the invitation email as an HTML file.
    • Incorporate the HTML code into the code of your website or your company intranet.
  • A Registration web link is provided for each scheduled webinar. On the My Webinars page, click the expansion button next to a webinar date. The Registration Web link can be included in an email or online newsletter or incorporated into the HTML code of a website or company intranet.

How do I make registration available on my website?

  • You can save the invitation email as an HTML file, then incorporate the HTML code into the code of a website or company intranet.
  • A Registration web link is provided for each scheduled webinar. On the My Webinars page, click the expansion button next to a webinar date. The Registration web link can be included in the HTML code of your website or company intranet.

Can I create a calendar with all of my scheduled webinars from which people can register?

Follow these simple steps to create a calendar and centralize your GoToWebinar registration:

  1. Create and code your calendar/registration web page and include the webinar titles, dates and times.
  2. Schedule all of the webinars you wish to include on your calendar. (Tip: Use the Schedule Similar Webinar function.)
  3. Copy the registration links for your scheduled webinars and paste them into the HTML code of your calendar/registration web page.

For additional instructions, see the GoToWebinar Hosting Webinar Registration QuickRef Guide.

My attendees already register through my website. Is there a way I can dump that information into your webinar registration?

You can manually register your attendees by clicking the webinar session registration link:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the expansion button next to the webinar date for which you want to manually register attendees.
  3. Click Registration Web Link.

How can I bill the webinar to my attendees?

If you would like to require participants to pay to attend your webinar, you can customize your Registration Form so that:

  • Registrants are redirected to a web page of your choice where they can enter payment information.
  • Registrants receive the webinar confirmation email only after they have been approved by you (allowing you to suspend confirmation until payment has been received).

When customizing the Registration Form:

  1. In the After Registering section, select Upon Approval. Once you receive payment from a registrant, you can approve that person to receive the webinar confirmation email. See Registration Tracking.
  2. In the Redirect registrants to field, type a URL to redirect your registrants to a web page where they can provide you with payment information.

How can I view scheduled webinars?

To see what meetings you have scheduled, right-click the daisy icon in the system tray or double-click the GoToWebinar Suite icon on a Mac and select My Webinars. After your login email address is verified, you will see the list of scheduled meetings.

You can also log in to and view your scheduled meetings.

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