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Edit a Recorded Webinar Recording

Since GoToWebinar does not include editing software, a third-party editing tool such as TechSmith Camtasia® is needed to edit your recorded webinar. Before you can edit the recording , you will first need to re-encode the file with a tool such as Microsoft's Expression Encoder®.

Download and install Microsoft's Expression Encoder

1. Go to the Microsoft Expression Encoder download center.

2. Click Download on the Microsoft Expression Encoder web page.

3. Click Run or Install at the prompt.

4. Click Run at the Security Warning prompt.

5. Follow the Setup Wizard to complete installation

Re-encode your recording using Expression Encoder

1. Open Expression Encoder.

2. From the File menu, select Import and navigate to your recording.

3. Locate the Encode tab on the sidebar and expand the Video pane.

4. Configure the settings as needed. We recommend setting the Video Output Format to VC-1 Main.

5. We also recommend setting Size Mode and Video Aspect Ratio to Source.

6. Select the Output tab and choose a location for the saved file.

7. From the File menu, select Encode. Processing time will depend on length of recording, output settings and your system hardware. Once re-encoded the file is ready for editing.


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