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Performance Report

The Performance Report provides details about the entire webinar from start to finish, including high-level statistics on the success of a webinar.

Field definitions

Performance Report
Date RangeDate range of report data
Webinar IDWebinar identification number
Webinar TitleTitle of the webinar
DateDate of the webinar
Actual DurationThe duration, in minutes, of the webinar
RegisteredTotal number of registrants for the webinar
Opened InvitationNumber of recipients who opened the invitation email to register for the webinar
Clicked Registration LinkNumber of recipients who clicked the registration link to register for the webinar
Total AttendedTotal number of webinar attendees
Attendance RatePercentage of the number of registrants who attended the webinar
Average AttentivenessAverage based on the focus of the attendees Viewer during the webinar
Average Attendee Interest RatingNumerical value 1-100 (100 being most interested) indicating the average interest rating of the webinar attendees
Polls (#)Number of polls launched
Polls Response Rate (%)Percentage of attendees who responded to polls
Q & A Number of Questions Asked (#)Number of questions asked from the Question and Answer session during the webinar
Number of Surveys Submitted (#)Total number of post-webinar surveys submitted from webinar attendees
Survey Response Rate (%)Percentage of attendees who submitted the post-webinar survey
TimeWebinar session time broken down into 15-minute increments
Number of Attendees (#)Snapshot of the number of attendees at 15-minute increments throughout the webinar
Percentage of Total Attended (%)Percentage of total number of registrants who attended the webinar
Average Attendance DurationAverage duration of the attendee presence in the webinar
Response RatePercentage of attendees who answered each poll

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