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Attendee Report

The Attendee Report provides detail about attendees, including registration, Question and Answer responses, in-session time and Interest Rating. Use this report to follow-up with interested attendees after a webinar.

Field definitions

** These fields appear in the report only if they were requested in the Registration Form.
Attendee Report
Date RangeDate range of report data
Webinar IDWebinar identification number
Webinar TitleTitle of the webinar
DateDate of the webinar
Actual DurationThe duration, in minutes, of the webinar
Clicked Registration LinkNumber of recipients who clicked the registration link to register for the webinar
Opened InvitationNumber of recipients who opened the invitation email to register for the webinar
Total AttendedTotal number of webinar attendees
NameAttendee's first name
Email AddressAttendee's email address
AttendedYes or No value to indicate whether the registrant attended the webinar
Address**Attendee's address
City**Attendee's city  
State/Province**Attendee's state/province  
ZIP/Postal**Attendee's ZIP/postal code  
Country**Attendee's country  
Phone**Attendee's phone number  
Industry**Attendee's business industry  
Organization**Attendee's business organization  
Job Title**Attendee's job title  
Role in Purchase Process**Attendee's role in purchase process  
Purchase Time Frame**Attendee's purchase time frame  
Number of Employees**Number of employees at attendee's company 
Questions and Comments**Attendee's questions and comments  
Custom Questions**Attendee's responses to custom questions created by the organizer
Registration DateDate and time person registered

N/A: Indicates registrant is subscribed to email notifications from organizer(s)

Unsubscribed: Indicates registrant has opted out of receiving email notifications from organizer(s) through the unsubscribe link

SPAM Button: Indicates registrant has opted out of receiving email notifications from organizer(s) by marking as SPAM within their email application

Question & AnswerAny questions and answers submitted through the Question and Answer pane
Poll QuestionPoll responses to any polls launched in-session
Interest RatingNumerical value from 1-100 which shows attendee's interest in the webinar (100 being most interested)
In-Session TimeTime stamp of when attendee joined and exited the webinar
DurationTime attendee remained in-session
Survey QuestionSurvey responses (if a survey was created by the organizer)

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