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HDFaces Video Conferencing Troubleshooting FAQs

Review solutions to frequently asked HDFaces troubleshooting questions.

Why can't I see other webinar participants' webcams?

Your webcam viewer may be minimized, but you can bring the viewer back up again from your taskbar or dock. If the organizer has unchecked the Attendees Can Share Webcams option, you will not be able to share your webcam. If you previously selected the Hide Webcams option from the Webcams drop-down menu, then select Show Webcams.

Why can't other attendees see my webcam?

Double check to see if your webcam is connected to your computer, and then try clicking the Share My Webcam button if you haven't already done so. To see if your webcam has been detected, open Preferences and select Webcam.

What should I do if I'm experiencing poor video quality?

Make sure you have adequate lighting in your room. If you have low bandwidth, you should make sure you have nothing else running that might use up bandwidth. If your webcam is out of focus, turn off the auto-focus setting on your webcam. You can also check to see if you're using one of our unsupported webcams.

What should I do if my webcam stops working?

If you have low bandwidth or CPU issues, you may see a "Low Bandwidth" or "Computer Overloaded" message. You'll be prompted to hide all webcams and/or stop sharing your own webcam. If you click Yes, all webcams and/or your own webcam will be hidden.

To improve bandwidth and CPU performance, close all other programs on your computer, and switch to a high-speed cable Internet connection (if you haven't already).

Why is the Share My Webcam button disabled (grayed out)?

The organizer may have disabled the Attendees Can Share Webcams setting or the maximum webcam limit may have been reached (only 6 webcams can be shared at once).

If you're an organizer and cannot share your webcam, open Preferences and select Webcam to make sure that your webcam has been detected. You may need to leave and restart the session.

After I clicked the Share My Webcam button, why do I see a "Connecting" message that won't go away?

The video conference may be down or unavailable. If you're an organizer, try restarting the meeting. If you're an attendee, try leaving the meeting and then rejoining.

What happens if I'm sharing my webcam and start experiencing connectivity issues?

If you're sharing your webcam and your network connection momentarily goes down for a few seconds, your webcam will automatically start back up again. If your connection is down for more than 1 minute, you will need to re-click the Share My Webcam button to restart video conferencing once your network becomes available again.

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