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Questions Pane

The Questions pane enables organizers to engage their audience. Organizers can sort questions and flag them with priority. Questions can also be assigned to another organizer or, for example, to a panelist attending as a subject-matter expert.

  • Check to show answered questions. (a)
  • Type in answer. Click Send Privately or Send to All. (b)
  • Right-click any column header to show/hide columns. (c)
  • Icon indicates answered questions. (d)
  • Click to set priority. (d)
  • Click to snap the Question and Answer pane on and off of the Control Panel. (e)

To enable/disable attendee question and answer

  1. Click the Options menu at the top of the Control Panel.
  2. Select or deselect Attendees Can Ask Questions. When checked, attendees will be able to ask questions.

To answer a question

  1. In the Questions pane, click the question you want to answer.
  2. In the answer field, type your answer and click Send Privately (to the attendee) or Send to All (to all attendees).

To assign a question to another organizer or panelist

  1. Click the question you want to forward. This will highlight the question.
  2. Right-click the question field and select Assign Question to.
  3. Select the name of the organizer or panelist you want assigned to the question.

Note : Only organizers can see all questions and answers, set question priority and assign questions. Panelists can only see questions that are assigned to them by organizers. Both organizers and panelists can answer privately to an attendee or to the entire audience.  

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