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Dashboard Pane

The Dashboard pane assists organizers in monitoring a webinar at a glance. Organizers can quickly view the timer, attendance, audience attentiveness and hands raised. If the Questions feature is turned on, organizers can see the number of unanswered questions queued in the Questions pane, then click the number to open the Questions pane.

  • Timer begins when presenter clicks Show My Screen. (a)
  • Attentive = Attendee's Viewer is in foreground. Inattentive = ¬†Attendee's Viewer is not in foreground. (b)
  • Quick-view of number of attendee questions in the queue. Click the number to open the Questions pane. (c)
  • Attendees can raise their hand if enabled by the organizer. Click the number to view who has raised a hand in the Attendee List. (d)
  • Quick-view of number of polls given. (e)
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