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Manage Attendees

Organizers can manage attendees and the webinar staff through the Attendee List pane, either by column or by right-clicking on each organizer or panelist name.

Attendee List Pane

Chat with Organizers and Panelists 

Send a Broadcast Message to Attendees

Invite Attendees During a Webinar

Attendee List Pane

You can right-click names, columns or icons to manage your session. You can toggle between the Attendees tab and the Staff tab to see who's in attendance.

Attendee List: Displays everyone that can view the presenter's screen but is initially muted on the conference call. You can also make an attendee a panelists so that they may speak during the session.

Staff List: Displays the names of organizers, presenters and panelists.

Note: GoToWebinar participants on Macs will not see the Staff tab in the control panel.

Attendee Right-Click

By right-clicking attendee or staff members you can :

  • Pass the presenter role
  • Promote to panelist or organizer,
  • Give keyboard and mouse controls
  • Allow them to use drawing tools
  • Allow them to see the attendee list.
  • Send a webcam request
  • Send a chat message
  • Dismiss the attendee or staff member from the webinar

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Chat with Organizers and Panelists

Organizers and panelists can chat with each other to help manage the webinar and presentation flow. Organizers can save a chat log for review after the webinar has ended.

To chat with an organizer or panelist

1. Right-click an organizer or panelist name in the Attendee List.


In the Chat pane, select the desired recipient(s) from the To: drop-down selection field.

2. Enter the desired chat message in the Type message here field.

3. Click Send.

To save a chat log

  1. Under the File menu, select Save Chat Log.
  2. The Save Chat Log to a File dialog box opens and allows you to store the file locally.
  3. Browse to the location you would like to save it and click Save.

Send a Broadcast Message to Attendees

Organizers can send a broadcast message to all attendees using the Chat feature. The message will appear in the attendees' Questions pane.

To send a broadcast message to attendees

  1. In the Chat pane, select All from the To: drop-down selection field.
  2. Enter desired chat message in the Message Entry field.
  3. Click Send.

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Invite Attendees during a Webinar

Organizers may invite new attendees to webinars in progress from the Attendee List pane. Invitation methods include email and copying the invitation for use in other email or instant messaging programs. New attendees must go through the registration process before being able to join a scheduled webinar. Organizers can invite other organizers and panelists during a webinar, but they must register and join as an attendee and then be promoted in-session.

To invite attendees by email

  1. In the Attendee List pane, click Invite Others and then Email.

    An email using your default email program will be generated with the Webinar Invitation in plain text in the body of the email. Enter the recipient's email address and send the email.

To invite attendees by other methods

  1. In the Attendee List pane, click Invite Others and then Copy to Clipboard.

    This will copy the Webinar Invitation in plain text to your clipboard, where it can then be pasted into another email program or an instant-messaging application.

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