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Presenter Role Overview

The webinar organizer is always designated as the first webinar presenter. The presenter role may be passed to any other organizer or panelist.

Presenters can show their complete desktops to all webinar attendees either as a clean screen with no icons or taskbar or as a specific application window. Presenters may choose to pause showing their desktops or applications at any time. Presenters may grant other organizers and panelists the ability to share control of the presenter's mouse and keyboard.

Mac presenters can only show their complete desktops at this time.

Presenter Screen Sharing Pane

Presenter Control Panel Grab Tab

Presenter Show Screen

Presenter Drawing Tools

Presenter Audience View Pane

Pass Presenter Roles

Presenter Screen Sharing Pane

When another organizer or panelist becomes a presenter, the Control Panel adjusts to incorporate the Presenter Screen Sharing pane at the top. The Screen Sharing pane provides the presenter with access to the various presenter controls.

You can promote an attendee to be a presenter. Simply right-click the attendee's name in the Attendee List pane and select Make Presenter. The attendee presenting will automatically become a panelist and cannot be demoted.

As a Mac presenter, your expanded Control Panel will be visible to attendees as a black silhouette and sometimes parts of the Control Panel are fully visible (not blacked out) to attendees. This can obstruct a portion of what you are presenting. We recommend that Mac presenters leave the Control Panel collapsed as much as possible during the webinar. If you have a multi-monitor setup, we recommend keeping the Control Panel on your second monitor.

  • The Broadcasting Status field notifies presenters of the status of screen sharing .
  • The Play/Pause button starts screen sharing or pauses screen sharing (pausing on the current screen).
  • The Show My Screen button allows the presenter to choose what to share with attendees.
  • The Stop Showing Screen button stops the webinar presentation and takes attendees to the Waiting Room screen.
  • The Give Keyboard & Mouse button grants shared mouse and keyboard control to another organizer or panelist.
  • The Change Presenter button passes the presenter role to another organizer or panelist.

Presenter Control Panel Grab Tab

The Control Panel Grab Tab enables organizers and presenters to minimize the Control Panel to the side of their screens to display their full desktops to attendees and still access Presenter Screen Sharing Tools. The Grab Tab changes depending on the status of the presenter's display mode.



Presenter Show Screen

Presenters have the option to show 1 screen, multiple screens (multiple-monitor capability), clean screen or a specific application. This is especially helpful for smooth screen transitions.

Sharing specific applications or a clean screen is not currently available on Mac, so we recommend closing any windows you don't want attendees to see before you start sharing your desktop.




To show your desktop

  1. On the Screen Tools pane or the Grab Tab, click the Show My Screen button.

To select a specific screen or application

1. On the Screen Tools pane, click the Screen button.

- or -

On the Presenter Grab Tab, right-click the Play button.

2. Select the screen or application you want to present.

Note: Hovering over your screen sharing menu selection will display an animated gray frame that indicates what attendees will see if selected. If you select an application window that is minimized, the selected window will automatically maximize and be presented to attendees. If the presenter opens a window on top of the window being shared, screen sharing will pause until the intruding window is either moved or closed.

Note: The specific application sharing feature will also allow you to share one or all of your multiple monitors if you have the hardware already set up.

Note: If you are attempting to show a PowerPoint presentation and your screen will not advance to the next slide, click the PowerPoint presentation displaying on-screen to bring it back into focus, then try again.

To pause screen sharing

  1. On the Screen Sharing pane or the Grab Tab, click the Pause button.
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