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Webinar Now

The Webinar Now feature enables you to host quick, impromptu webinars with a maximum of 200 attendees. Choosing Webinar Now takes the organizer immediately into a session; no advanced scheduling is necessary. Webinar details (such as branding) are generic, there are no email notifications (confirmation, reminders, follow-up) and there is no survey option. Webinar Now is launched from the daisy icon in your system tray.

Organizers can send attendees an invitation through the Control Panel, or direct attendees to www.gotowebinar.com and ask them to click the Join a Webinar button in the top right of the page and enter the Webinar ID. Attendee registration simply requires the person's name and email address.

To start an impromptu Webinar

  1. Right-click the daisy icon in your system tray or double-click the GoToMeeting suite icon on a Mac and select Webinar Now.
  2. Your webinar will start and the GoToWebinar Organizer Control Panel will appear on the right side of your desktop.

Invitation options appear in the Attendee List pane. Audio options appear in the Audio pane; the default mode is Mic & Speakers using the GoToWebinar Audio Service.

To use your own conference service in an impromptu Webinar

1. From the Edit drop-down menu, click Edit Audio Mode.

2. Select Provide your own conference call information and type in the conference call number and passcode (if necessary) from your conference call provider.

The information you provide will appear in the attendee's Control Panel.

To create polls for an impromptu webinar

1. If you are presenting, be sure to pause or stop screen sharing.

2. In the Polls pane of your Control Panel, click the Manage Polls button.

3. If prompted, log in to your account. The Polls page will load.

4. In the Question Type field, select the answer choice from the drop-down menu:

  • Choice - Single Answer: Attendees can select only 1 answer.
  • Choice - Single Answer: Attendees can select only 1 answer.

5. In the Question field, type a question.

6. In the Answers fields, type up to 5 answers.

7. Click Create.

Your poll questions will appear in the Polls box. You can modify poll questions, including the order you wish to launch them in-session, by highlighting each in the Polls box and clicking Edit, Delete, Up or Down. Up to 8 polling questions can be created.

8. Click Save Changes and log out. Your polls will appear in the Polls pane. Edit or create additional polls in-session by clicking the Manage Polls button.

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