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Integrated Toll-Free Audio Service

Organizers can host sessions using GoToMeeting's integrated audio and provide VoIP, toll (long distance) numbers and/or toll-free numbers.

Integrated Toll-Free audio service must be purchased separately from your GoToWebinar plan. If you have a GoToMeeting Corporate plan (multi-user account) and your billing address is based in the U.S., U.K., Canada or Australia, you may purchase Integrated Toll-Free audio online.

Organizers incur per-minute changes for each attendee who uses the Integrated Toll-Free audio service.

Integrated toll-free audio is a separate service and has to first be enabled online by individual organizers or by your company's account administrator if you're a corporate user. Individual GoToWebinar organizers based within the United States can purchase Integrated Toll-Free service. Corporate accounts can purchase Integrated Toll-Free service only if their billing address is based in the United States, Australia, Canada or United Kingdom. 

An organizer's account incurs per-minute charges for each attendee dialing in through the Integrated Toll-Free audio service.

As with existing webinars, each session will have a unique toll-free number and access code. If you wish to re-use the same audio options, make sure you Schedule the Webinar as a recurring event.

Note: For any webinar, meeting or recurring meeting that was scheduled prior to an account's toll-free integration, the regular toll based conference numbers will automatically be changed if toll-free numbers are added to an already existing meeting or webinar. It is recommended that you resend the Webinar confirmation emails to your participants so that they get access to the new numbers. The meeting ID and URL for those meetings and webinars will not be impacted, and the new conference number will be provided to the attendees in the Waiting Room as well as the Control Panel.

Calculating Toll-Free Minutes

Schedule a Webinar with Integrated Toll-Free Audio

Schedule a Webinar with Toll-Free and VoIP

Start a Webinar with Integrated Toll-Free Audio

Recording with Toll-Free Audio

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Audio Settings

Integrated Toll-Free Audio FAQs

Calculating Toll-Free Minutes

Per-minute charges apply to all participants who dial in with the toll-free option. Those who join by regular toll numbers are charged rates based on their own long distance provider. There are no additional charges for those who join a meeting or webinar with VoIP audio.

To minimize billing, any attendee who joins a meeting or webinar before the organizer starts the event is disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity. If the meeting or webinar is cancelled and never started by the organizer, then no charges are incurred.

The organizer's company will be billed separately for toll-free audio by Citrix Online Audio, LLC.

Schedule a Webinar with Integrated VoIP, Long Distance and Toll-Free

To schedule a webinar with integrated toll-free audio

  1. Log in to your account and schedule your webinar.
  2. On the Webinar Details tab select the "Toll-free numbers" check box to add integrated toll-free. To add more countries, click Edit.

Note: The toll-free number can be offered to your attendees along with VoIP and the traditional long distance option.

Note: Additional per-minute charges are incurred for each attendee dialing in with the toll-free service.

Schedule a Webinar with Toll-Free and VoIP

To offer your attendees a choice between 2 audio options for which they incur no charges, ensure that "Long distance number for:" has been deselected when you schedule the webinar.

Start a Webinar with Integrated Toll-Free Audio

Once an account is enabled with integrated toll-free audio, an organizer must launch GoToWebinar for the audio conference to begin. If the organizer is late launching the webinar, all participants will be placed on hold and will hear the following greeting: "Welcome to the Webinar. You will be placed on hold until the Webinar begins. Please remain on the line." When an organizer starts GoToWebinar, co-organizers and panelists will be able to speak with each other without the attendees hearing. Once the organizer starts the broadcast, attendees will then join the conference in listen-only mode. Per-minute charges for participants dialing in with toll-free audio begin as soon as their toll-free calls are connected.

Countries with Integrated Toll-Free Audio

Individual GoToWebinar organizers have the option to add Integrated Toll-Free service for the United States and Canada. Corporate accounts have the option to add Integrated Toll-Free service for the following countries:

International Toll-Free Conference Numbers
(GoToMeeting Corporate)
ArgentinaHong Kong New ZealandTaiwan
AustraliaIceland PanamaThailand
Austria India PeruUkraine
Belarus IndonesiaPhilippines United Kingdom
Belgium Ireland PolandUnited States
Brazil IsraelPortugalUruguay
China JapanSingapore 
Czech Republic Luxembourg South Africa  
Denmark MalaysiaSpain  
Finland MexicoSweden  

Recording with Toll-Free Audio

Whether you or your attendees join with VoIP, toll or toll-free audio, you can easily and seamlessly record all participants. From the Recording section of the Preferences window, simply select Use GoToMeeting Audio Service. For more information about the Recording feature, please refer to Recording a Webinar.


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