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Using GoToWebinar Integrated Audio

Audio Mode: Using Telephone

At the specified webinar time, dial the conference call number. When prompted, enter the access code followed by the # key.

Once in a conference call, the organizer is automatically entered into a sub-conference between all organizers and panelists. To start the conference call for all participants, an organizer must press *1. 

Organizer Telephone Commands



Starts the conference call. Organizers and panelists are initially joined in a sub-conference until *1 is pressed.



Provides the number of attendees dialed in to the conference


On-hold beep controls

By default, organizer will hear beeps until the first caller arrives. Press *3 to turn off the on-hold beeps.



Provides a menu of available conference commands.


Mute/Unmute Organizers and Panelists

Sets mute and unmute for organizer and panelist lines. By default, organizers and panelists are first joined unmuted. Pressing *5 cycles through the following options:

- Mute:  organizers and panelists can unmute themselves by pressing *6

- Mute: organizers and panelists cannot unmute themselves

- Unmute: organizers and panelists are unmuted (default)



Organizer can mute his or her line. Pressing *6 again will unmute the line


Chime Control

Sets entry and exit chimes. By default, entry and exit chimes are off. Pressing *8 cycles through the following options.

- Entry chime off and exit chime on

- Entry chime on and exit chime off

- Entry and exit chimes on

- Entry and exit chimes off

Turning On-Hold Beeps and Entry/Exit Chimes on and off

On-Hold Beeps (a) play when an attendee connects to a webinar before the organizer has started it, unless the organizer disables the beeps.

Entry/Exit Chimes (b) play each time an attendee joins or leaves the webinar, unless the organizer turns the chimes off.

To toggle On-Hold Beeps or Entry/Exit Chimes on and off, click Edit in the GoToWebinar Audio pane, then click each item to turn it on or off. You may also press *8 on your telephone key pad to toggle Entry/Exit Chimes on and off.

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