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Cancel a Scheduled Webinar

Webinar organizers can delete a scheduled webinar at any time prior to the start of the webinar. An email notification will be sent to all registrants, organizers and panelists notifying them that the webinar has been canceled.

Note: Once a webinar has been canceled, all records of the webinar will be removed from Webinar History, Generate Reports and the Schedule Similar Webinar feature.

Note:You may preview but not edit the webinar cancellation message.

To cancel a scheduled webinar

1. Log in to your account.

2. On the My Webinars page, scroll to the title of the webinar you want to cancel.

  • To cancel a specific session in a recurring Webinar, click Plus icon next to the date of the webinar you want to cancel. On the right side, click Trash icon  or Cancel This Session.
  • To cancel all sessions of a recurring webinar, click Trash icon or Cancel All Sessions at the bottom right of the last session listed.

3. On the Confirm Cancellation page, click Preview notification message to view the message that all participants will receive.

4. Click Cancel Session or Cancel All Sessions.

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