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Private Audio Service

You may choose an audio conference service other than GoToWebinar's integrated audio. When scheduling your webinar, simply type in the numbers and access codes from your provider. Your private audio service numbers can also be set as a preference on the Settings page under My Account. See View and Edit Organizer Account Information. You can also sign up for a toll-free conference service (at discounted rates) with one of our partners.

To set up a toll-free conference service with one of our partners

  • GoToWebinar Individual Plans: Log in to your account and select My Account >Settings.
  • GoToMeeting Corporate Plans: Contact your Company Administrator.

Using your own voice conferencing service

  1. When scheduling your webinar, in the Conference Call Service section, select Provide other conference call information.
  2. Type in the corresponding phone numbers and access codes from your provider.

Note: If you choose to use your own audio service provider for the audio portion of the webinar, GoToWebinar will include your dial-in numbers with the Webinar information; however, GoToWebinar audio features (such as VoIP and Control Panel audio management) do not apply.




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