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GoToWebinar Integrated Audio

GoToWebinar includes an integrated audio service at no extra cost to you. Choose between phone and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or allow both options. Participants who join the webinar via telephone dial a toll-based number that GoToWebinar provides automatically. Participants are then charged their standard long-distance rate for calling this toll-based number, just as if they made a regular long-distance call. Participants who join the webinar via VoIP need speakers or headphones to hear the webinar and a microphone if you want them to speak. We recommend a USB headset.

Audio instructions are provided for all attendees in the confirmation email, reminder email and in the Control Panel once the webinar starts. GoToWebinar will automatically generate a conference call number, access code and audio PIN for all attendees joining via telephone.

You may decide to use GoToWebinar integrated audio or choose another method of bringing audio to your online webinars.

Note: If you choose to use your own audio service provider for the audio portion of the webinar, GoToWebinar will include your dial-in numbers with the Webinar information; however, GoToWebinar audio features (such as VoIP and Control Panel audio management) do not apply.

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