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Reminder Emails

GoToWebinar Organizers can send up to 3 reminder emails to registrants.

Note: The Reminder Email option becomes unavailable if you schedule a webinar to occur within the next hour.

To set your Reminder Emails

1. Schedule and save your webinar

2. Locate the webinar from the My Webinars list.

3. Select Email Notifications from the Change Session Settings drop-down menu.

4. You may generate up to 3 reminders emails based on the interval options provided. Each drop-down menu offers up to 6 hours, days and weeks prior to the scheduled event.

5. Preview the reminder email, and if necessary, personalize by clicking on the Plus icon .

6. Once you're satisfied with the email contents and delivery schedule, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Note: Depending on our mail server volume at the time of delivery, delays of up to 20 minutes for hourly reminders, and up to 6 hours for daily reminders (from a 24 hour mark of the time your webinar is scheduled) are possible. It may be advisable to set your reminder emails to an earlier time if you would rather ensure your participants receive their reminder emails early.

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