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Schedule a Webinar

Organizers must schedule webinars from Organizers can edit a scheduled webinar at any time. See Edit a Scheduled Webinar for additional information.

To schedule a webinar

Step 1: Provide Your Webinar Details

1. Log in to your account.

2. In the left navigation, click Schedule a Webinar.

3. On the Schedule a Webinar page:

a. Schedule Similar Webinar: Select a previous webinar from the drop-down menu to create a new webinar using the settings and customization of the webinar selected.

b. Webinar Name: Enter a name for your webinar which will appear in your Webinar Invitation.

c. Description: Write a description that will generate audience interest about what will be presented in your webinar.

d. Date, Start Time, End Time, Time Zone: Select when your webinar will take place.

e. Recurs: Select these settings if you want to schedule the same webinar for multiple dates.

  • Select the frequency of your recurring sessions: Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  • Select the End Date of the last session.
  • Select the type of attendees joining each session: Different attendees or Same attendees.

f. Choose Audio Conference Option: Provide the attendees with the information they will use to connect to the audio portion of the webinar.

GoToWebinar Audio Service

Use built-in audio conferencing

  • VoIP: (requires microphone and speakers): Attendees may join the audio portion through VoIP and must have speakers to listen to the webinar and a microphone to speak.
  • Long distance numbers: Attendees may join the audio portion through the telephone using the GoToWebinar Audio Service (toll fees will be charged to attendees). To include local toll numbers for other countries, click Edit.
  • Toll-free numbers: Attendees may join the audio portion through the telephone using the GoToWebinar Audio Service. Toll fees will be charged to the organizer's account. To include toll-free numbers for other countries, click Edit.

    Provide your own conference call number

  • You can provide your own audio conference service information. Select Use my own conference callservice. Type in your conference numbers in the corresponding Phone Number and Access Code fields. For more information, see Private Voice Conferencing.

g. Require Password: If desired, select the "Require Webinar Password" check box

Note: If you want to require a password, you must think of one yourself and communicate it outside of the GoToWebinar system to all organizers, panelists and attendees. When you start the webinar, you will be prompted to enter a password; this becomes the Webinar Password, and all who join after you will be prompted for the same.

 h. Specify Other Organizers (corporate plans only): Select from a list of other webinar-enabled organizers on your account to assist in managing your webinar.

Note: All pre-specified organizers have the same rights pre-webinar, in-session and post-webinar.

i. Specify Panelists: Invite up to 6 panelists to attend your webinar. To add panelists, click Specify more panelists.

4. Click Save and Continue.

Step 2: Add Your Own Brand Elements

1. On the Branding and Theme page:

a. Custom Logo: Upload your company logo to the theme. The logo can be up to 400 x 200 pixels and 100k in size and must be in either .GIF or .JPG format.

b. Choose Your Theme: Select from 1 of 5 themes.

c. Upload a Custom Image: Upload your own image that will replace the default image in the theme. The image can be up to 200 x 200 pixels and 100k in size and must be in either .GIF or .JPG format.

d. Viewer Color: Select the color that will appear on the Viewer Window border as well as the Control Panel of all attendees.

e. List Presenters in Waiting Room: Type the name and information of your presenters and upload their photos. To include additional presenters, click Add another presenter (you may choose a maximum of 6). The presenter's image can be up to 100 x 100 pixels, 10kb in size and must be in either .GIF or .JPG format.

f. When attendees arrive, show them this welcome message: Type a welcome message that attendees will see in their Control Panel as they arrive in the webinar.

2. To view your customization, click Preview Theme or Preview Waiting Room.

3. Click Save and Continue.

Step 3: Create Your Registration Form

1. On the Registration Form page:

a. Field: Select your form fields. Selecting the Required check box requires registrants to fill in the field before being able to complete registration.

b. Create Your Own: Click the Plus icon next to Create Your Own. You can create up to 10 custom questions. See Registration Form for more information on creating custom registration questions.

c. After registering: Choose how registrants will receive the confirmation email, which has information on how to join the webinar - automatically after registering or only upon your approval.

If you select Upon Approval, you will need to monitor registrants and approve them before they can join the webinar. See Registration Tracking. Upon completion of registration, registrants will see a Registration Complete page, but will not receive instructions on how to join until you have approved them.

Note:  You can select or de-select Upon Approval any time after registrations have been sent. However, if you de-select Upon Approval after registrations have been sent, all registrants you denied will receive a Confirmation email that will allow them to attend. Likewise, if you select Upon Approval after registrations have been sent, you will need to approve all registrations submitted before the change was made. See Registration Tracking.

d. Redirect registrants to: You can choose to type in a URL, such as your company's website, to which registrants will be redirected after they complete registration.

2. To view your customization, click Preview.

Note: Changes to the registration form can be made after registration has begun; however, changes may affect consistencies in the Registration Report. The Registration feature cannot be turned off.

3. Click Save and Email me the Invitation.

An invitation email will be sent to you and any specified organizers and/or panelists. Invitations sent to panelists and other organizers will include a link to add the webinar as a Microsoft® Outlook® calendar appointment.

The next step is to send out the Webinar Invitation yourself and invite people to your webinar. See Invite Attendees to a Scheduled Webinar.

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