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Webinar Planning

Organizer Role Overview

Organizers can create an account either through a GoToMeeting corporate plan or an individual GoToWebinar plan. Organizers must create an account before they can schedule or conduct webinars.

Organizers are responsible for creating, customizing and managing scheduled webinars, as well as assigning roles such as panelists and other organizers. An organizer must be present as the webinar host to start a webinar and to enable others to join. Only1 webinar can be running at a time.

Note: On GoToMeeting corporate plans, multiple organizers can be assigned to the same Webinar to assist with various webinar management tasks.

If practicing a Webinar is desired, organizers are responsible for starting the practice webinar. At least 1 organizer must be present to start, manage and end the webinar. Once a webinar starts, the organizer is the default presenter and may either begin presenting or pass the role of presenter to any panelist or organizer.

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