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Cancel Your GoToWebinar Account

If you are a webinar organizer on an individual plan, you can easily cancel your subscription from the My Account page by logging in at

Note: Webinar organizers on corporate plans (multi-user accounts) must contact their account manager or Global Customer Support to cancel their subscription.

Because the GoToWebinar service is pre-paid, changes made to your subscription plan (including cancellations) will not take effect until the end of your current billing period.

To cancel your GoToWebinar subscription

1. Log in to and select My Account in the left navigation.

2. Select Billing Information in the expanded menu.

3. Under the Subscription Options section, select the "No, I do not wish to subscribe to GoToWebinar at this time" option.

4. Click Save Changes.

Once your current plan or trial period ends, your plan will not be renewed and you will lose access to GoToWebinar.

To see when your plan expires

1. Log in to and select My Account in the left navigation.

2. Select Account History in the left navigation.

3. Find the most recent entry on the Account Activity list and look under the Description column to see when your plan expires.

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