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Audio Settings

The Audio Settings section of the organizer website allows you to set your default audio preferences. Choose between Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), long distance and/or toll-free. If you select more than 1 option, your attendees have the choice of dialing in with a provided conference call number or connecting with VoIP. For international attendees, set your default countries by clicking Edit. Alternatively, you can provide your own conference call number(s) in this section.

Your can override your default audio settings while Scheduling a Webinar or during a event from the organizer's control panel.  

Note: You may add toll-free numbers if your account includes the optional integrated toll-free audio service.

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To set your default audio conference options

  1. After you sign in, select My WebinarsSettings from the left navigation.
  2. Select the default audio service(s) you wish to include with your webinars. To provide local toll numbers for multiple countries, select Edit.
  3. Click Save. Changes apply to all future webinars.

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